Faded to Gray

i met you in the city
where people pass without feeling
we were hurt, the others turned away

we fell for each other
over coffee, my lover
i let you talk, i never know what to say

and it’s been for years
four short years
the time, it slips away

now i fear we have changed
nothing seems quite the same
we’ve hurt and been hurt
have we faded to gray?

no matter how hard i plead
no matter how hard i try
nothing feels quite the same

you and i, we have changed
we’ve been hurt and broken wide
we’ve kissed the sea, we’ve kissed the flame

the light goes out
we have faded to gray

the waters’ been drained
we have faded to gray

i feel so empty

the love has gone
we have faded to gray

nothing can be black and white
i feel so empty inside